Don't watch. Touch.

  • Touch

    Fuisz’s patented technology automatically tracks and identifies objects in a video, enabling users to tap or click on the products they love.

  • Discover

    Go deeper with Fuisz's fully immersive interactive experience, turning passive users into active participants as they explore everything the content has to offer.

  • Engage

    Enable users to take action without navigating away from the video. Make purchases, like, share, and learn more from within the video.

Shoppable Wishlist

Target wanted an interactive experience that would promote e-commerce traffic. The solution: this video wishlist. Click on products you love to select sizes, colors and add to cart on the spot.

Brand Discovery

Fuisz enables advertisers to offer in-depth product information at the point of interest. Interactive features keep users in the experience, allowing them to engage with the brand.

The 2017 Fusion Color Picker lets users browse exterior color options for the new Fusion as the video plays.

You Know You Want To

See how Fuisz turns traditional video campaigns into touch enabled experiences that are driving engagement results. Check out some of our latest projects and touch for yourself.

Work With Us

Fuisz technology enables your video content to do more. We work with top brands, media agencies, and content creators to turn video views into purchases, shares, and engagement.